Nova Vision offers innovative products, art, and designs that promote sustainability practices for consumers and businesses. We want to inspire a fashion trend of choosing reusable products through Art. Each profit from our art and design services, goes toward funding that goal. We started as a technology company and geared towards art and design, in hope of generating enough funds to launch our newest products soon.

Our Mission
Nova Vision’s mission is to combine innovation, art, and design in creating high quality environmentally friendly products and services that benefit people, planet, and animals in making the world and overall quality of life more beautiful, enjoyable, and safe.
Our Goal
Our goal is to design our products in ways that invoke positive changes and movements that lead to a better life for all inhabitants of planet Earth by being conscious, responsible, and aware of our actions and footprints we leave behind.
Our Commitment
By implementing the 3P's (People, Planet, Profit) in all we do, our products quality are distinguished as superior, made with care and love. Nova Vision products are made using the highest quality materials available combining innovation, art, environmental, and social (more fair trade certified resources) awareness. They are designed with our customers in mind, customized to get the most enjoyment and usefulness from our products. We are dedicated to bringing highest quality available (including use of natural, Eco-friendly, and organic materials), durability, intuitive functionality, and competitive affordable pricing in all our products. We believe by using better resources, more fair trade suppliers, extensive research, design, and testing, the better the quality of our products will be, thus making them last longer before a need to be replaced, which in return creates less waste.
Our Values
Nova Vision's business policy and operation is based on values whose cornerstone is four principles:
Principle #1: The Golden Rule (Mt 7:12). Our number one goal is customer service and satisfaction. Our vow to our employees, customers, businesses, and relationships is to treat them with respect, dignity, and without judgment.
Principle #2: Respect - Do Not Judge. To never impose our believes on others, but respect human beliefs and rights by accepting them for who they are, as we would like that same courtesy extended to us.
Principle #3: Responsibility. We strive on bringing safe, high quality products that have gone through extensive testing program before releasing them to market by being aware and taking into account the environment, resources used, and everyone that may be affected.
Principle #4: Give back. We are a company that cares. 10% of our profit goes toward various local community campaigns and non-profits. We want to have a personal relationship with our community and empower individuals and philanthropic causes by sponsoring them in what they do.

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About Nova Vision

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Nova Vision, LLC
Innovations, Art & Designs = Life More Beautiful!

Why the name “Nova Vision”? 

The word “nova” means “new” and has been identified as such for the past 2000 years in Cyrillic speaking cultures (it is also the last four letters of last name of the company’s founder). The word “vision” is defined as “the ability to see; a thought, concept, or object formed by the imagination; perception, intelligent foresight” by Meriam-Webster dictionary. The name reflects the essence of future inventions and innovations Nova Vision is currently working on bringing to market, a new way of seeing things, Nova (new) Vision (ability to see). 

Experienced In:

  • Fine Art
  • Commission Art
  • Murals
  • Fashion
  • Portraits
  • Logo Design
  • Print Ad Design
  • Advertising
  • Photo Editing
  • Video​

Areas Served:

  • Seminole and Orange counties
  • Lake Mary
  • Heathrow
  • Longwood
  • Orlando
  • Dr. Phillips
  • Winter Park
  • Maitland
  • Altamonte Springs​